Do it in MAY 2021

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Thanks to your amazing support, we reached a grand total of 2,333 #doitinmay hashtag uses during Masturbation May. This helped us spread the importance of and promote self-pleasure and self-care in an unprecedented way for us!


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Since May 1st:

The Campaign

Last year, we celebrated 25 years of Masturbation May, 15 years of TENGA and 5 years of our TENGA Global Self-Pleasure Report, but we - like a lot of you out there - had to cancel some big things we had planned in order to celebrate these milestones with you.

This year, TENGA wants to celebrate Masturbation May in a big, but safe, manner by hosting an online Masturbation Challenge!

Why a Masturbation Challenge?

The 2020 TENGA Global Self-Pleasure Report has shown how beneficial self-pleasure was for us last year, and continues to be for many of us even now. With nearly 80% of Europeans considering masturbation to be a form of self-care, a majority (over 60%!) - in Spain a stunning 82% - used self-pleasure as a way to deal with the stress of the pandemic.

Backed up by our data, we can proudly say now more than ever before: self-pleasure is self-care!

What is the Masturbation Challenge?

To highlight how beneficial self-pleasure can be and work to break down taboos, we are celebrating Masturbation May, a movement that originated in the US, with our very own initiative. We invite you to join our Masturbation Challengers (introduced below!) by making more time for masturbation and self-pleasure throughout the month of May, while opening up the conversation and posting about the power of pleasure with the campaign hashtag #doitinmay.

There is something in it for you, too!

Even if you aren't a Challenger, there are two ways you can take part in this campaign!

1) Share the campaign hashtag #doitinmay!
The campaign hashtag #doitinmay will be counted daily throughout May, and the current score will be shown on the scoreboard below. The scores will count towards a total that we'll track throughout the month, with some amazing rewards when we hit big milestones for everybody to enjoy!

That means, the more we enjoy self-pleasure and the more we use the hashtag #doitinmay, the higher the score. The more milestones we hit, the bigger your reward gets!

2) Cheer for our Masturbation Challengers!
Cheer and support our Masturbation Challengers by engaging with the Challengers’ tweets. We have assigned points to each form of engagement, which will be counted once the Challenge is over. We have prepared some great prizes depending on the final number of points achieved!

Enjoy self-pleasure this Masturbation May with TENGA!

Help us reach the
next milestone!

Share the campaign hashtag #doitinmay as much as you can and help us reach the next milestone!

Need some ideas to tweet about?
Here are some facts and figures on masturbation and its benefits from our latest TENGA Global Self-Pleasure Report:

  • 88% of Europeans masturbate.
  • Most (76%) Europeans masturbate while in a relationship.
  • 89% of Europeans agree that masturbation is a natural thing to do.
  • 80% of Europeans see masturbation as a form of self-care or "therapy".
  • 79% of Europeans agree that taboos around masturbation need to be lifted.
  • Most Europeans agree that masturbation has positive effects on their mood (88%), health (87%) and self-confidence (82%).

The Milestones:

1st Milestone:
Over 50x #doitinmay Uses

Free Delivery for orders over € 30 throughout May
2nd Milestone:
Over 100x #doitinmay Uses

10% OFF Hole Lotions
3rd Milestone:
Over 250x #doitinmay Uses

5% OFF Whole Store
4th Milestone:
Over 500x #doitinmay Uses

20% OFF Hole Lotions
5th Milestone:
Over 1,000x #doitinmay Uses

10% OFF Whole Store
6th Milestone:
Over 2,000x #doitinmay Uses

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7th Milestone:
Over 2,500x #doitinmay Uses

20% OFF Whole Store
More Milestones to be announced.

TENGA Masturbation Challengers

Here are our valiant Masturbation Challengers! Check them out on Twitter by clicking on their profile photos and support them by sharing, liking, commenting and RT their posts using the campaign hashtag #doitinmay!

To make cheering more appealing,
we came up with the following
TENGA Masturbation Point System!

Each form of engagement is worth the following Masturbation Points (MP):

Like = 5 MP

RT, Share = 10 MP

Comment = 15 MP

At the end of the challenge - after May - TENGA will count all the Masturbation Points that have been gathered by the Challengers, and will reward the Challengers’ loyal supporters with amazing prizes corresponding to the total number of MPs reached:

50,000 MP Chance to win 15 random TENGA
& iroha bundles worth over € 75
200,000 MP Chance to win 10 random TENGA
& iroha bundles worth over € 150
500,000 MP Chance to win 5 random TENGA
& iroha bundles worth over € 300
1,000,000 MP To Be Announced

The final MP number and the prizes will be announced by the Challengers themselves, so make sure to follow you favourite Challenger(s)!