We're preparing to bring you some extra special bargains this November - but why wait a whole month to try new sensations?

That's why we're offering some exciting deals on the run-up to the end of the month to help you 'Get Ready for Black Friday/Cyber Monday!’. Try some different sensations - get some special rewards - and get ready for when we unveil our spectacular Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts!

From the 7th of November until Black Friday/Cyber Monday, you’ll receive a FREE POCKET TENGA with every order! You’ll get a random POCKET TENGA to allow you to experience a new stimulation.

If you find you like the sensations, why not consider trying one of our recommended products once our sensational Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts come along?

Here are some of our suggestions on what you could try next!

WAVE LINE - Like the WAVE LINE's smooth stimulation of endless waves? Then you could always try the GEO AQUA. You'll be sure to enjoy it's fluid ridges that offer direct, undulating pleasure.

CLICK BALL - Enjoyed the spherical, rippling nubs of the CLICK BALL? We'd recommend the SPINNER BEADS for a similar, reusable sensational experience with an added spin.

BLOCK EDGE - If you liked the rumbling sensational squares of the BLOCK EDGE, you'll be sure to enjoy the crysta BLOCK's encompassing floating blocks that give pleasure on impact!

HEXA BRICK - If the honey-comb ribs of the HEXA BRICK is a sensation you like, than we'd suggest giving the 3D MODULE a shot. With a mixture of elevated and receded blocks to give a cascading flurry of stimulation.

CRYSTAL MIST - Like the rough micro-nub stimulation of the CRYSTAL MIST? Then we'd suggest the FLEX BUBBLY BLUE, with enticingly dynamic internal details that envelop with spiraling stimulation!

SPARK BEADS - Did the bursting beads of sensation from the SPARK BEADS get your attention? Give the Bobble Magic Marbles a shot, featuring bouncy marbles that provide playful tumbling sensations.

    So why wait the whole month to treat yourself to something new? Experience a variety of new sensations, discover some new stimulations and get ready for Black Friday/Cyber Monday!

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    - The deal will be running from November 7th until November 24th 23:59 CET.
    - Promotion cannot be used with other codes, discounts or bundles
    - While stocks last