TENGA's 15th Anniversary Sale!


This year marks the 15th Anniversary of TENGA, and to celebrate we are offering a FREE TENGA Original Vacuum CUP with every order!*

You do not need to include it in your cart, it will be delivered with your order.

15 years ago TENGA started with the 5 items in the CUP Series, and the Original Vacuum CUP has now become synonymous with TENGA, with its red and silver bands.

We would like you all to be able to enjoy the item that started it all off, and see for yourself why TENGA became so popular.
Enjoy the FREE Original Vacuum CUP as thanks for 15 years of support, and here's to 15 more!

You can read more about the start of TENGA here.


How to use the promotion:

- Place your order as usual.

- Receive your order with a FREE Original Vacuum CUP (this will not be visible at checkout)

- Enjoy!

*Terms and conditions.

- One (1) free Original Vacuum CUP per order

- The Original Vacuum CUP does not need to be included in the order.

- Order must contain at least one (1) item for promotion to be valid.