TENGA's Spooky Sales, No Tricks Only Treats!

With TENGA's Halloween Sale there are no tricks this year, only treats!  

Halloween is here, and brings with it deals and sales that will spook your socks off! 

Don't miss out on these TENGA and iroha deals, all this month until the end of Halloween Night.*

A variety of products that can get you in the (Halloween) mood have been reduced by 15% all this month!

Read the full list below:


TENGA 3D Series
What could be sweetly spookier than this ghost-like gang?

Visit the TENGA 3D Series Page


You all know about sending a chill up your spine, well this is something similar.

See the COOL TENGA Series Page


SPINNER 06 Brick
Here to represent the supernatural and mystic color purple!
Visit the SPINNER 06 BRICK Page


Quite the dark and imposing pair!


iroha temari Series
With our strongest vibrations, you won't just be quaking with fear this Halloween!


iroha mini Fuji-Lemon
Purple and orange(ish), the perfect mix of Halloween colors!
iroha+ YORU
The same color as the blackest Halloween night!
iroha stick Lilac x Black
The perfect blend of Halloween colors!


*Offers end October 31st 23:59 CET

During this period, the following items are automatically discounted by 15% on TENGA Store Europe:

- TENGA 3D Series 
- COOL TENGA series
- iroha temari series
- iroha mini fuiji-lemon 
- iroha+ YORU
- iroha stick Lilac x Black