As one of the most popular reusable TENGA products globally, the TENGA SPINNER series is well known and loved with fans of our products. Until recently there were only 3 SPINNERs in this series, but recently we have added more varieties of SPINNERs into the mix! Each of the SPINNERs is rated by a diagram on the individual SPINNERs Firmness, Stimulation and Diameter. This can seem confusing at first, but don’t worry, we’ll cover their meanings below.


If you don’t know much about the TENGA SPINNER be sure to read this introductory blog here first. Here we’re instead going to introduce you to the specifics of each SPINNER, the levels we use to measure them, and how to pick the perfect SPINNER for you!


A Brief Intro to the TENGA SPINNER


Back in 2018, TENGA released the original three SPINNER Series. The TETRA, the HEXA and the SHELL:

Each of the TENGA SPINNERs has an internal coil makes the SPINNER twist as you insert, sending unbelievable sensations with each stroke. Not only that, but each of the SPINNERs are ranked on three factors; Firmness, Stimulation and Diameter.

These original three proved so popular, that in 2020 another 3 SPINNERs were added to the collection; the PIXEL, BEADS, and the BRICK.

All of the SPINNER Series products have a variety of different stimulations within their series. Whether you like your SPINNER to have a good mix of Firmness and Stimulation, or need more Diameter with your sex toy, at least one of the SPINNERs is guaranteed to satisfy.

But what do those measurements mean? Let’s take a quick look.

What Do The Levels Of the SPINNER Series Mean?


Firmness, stimulation and diameter are the parameters by which the SPINNER series are marked against, but it can be confusing to know which each of them means.


Firstly we have firmness. This is one of the more obvious ones. Some of the SPINNER designs lend themselves to a ‘firmer’ feel. More specifically, the SHELL is designed to have ‘fanned tiles with firm edges’ while the TETRA offers ‘geometric tiles with mild edges’. So in this example, it’s clear the SHELL would be the firmer of the two.


Next we have stimulation. This once again is a little easier to understand. Which of the SPINNERs offers just a little bit more stimulation than the others. It’s also one of the more evenly ranked, as each of the SPINNERs offers exceptional sensations. As before though, the TETRA is designed to be a little milder.


Lastly, the most potentially confusing parameter, diameter. All of the TENGA SPINNERs have an insertion depth of approx. 17cm and an insertion width of approx. 5cm, however, this isn’t quite what we mean. In this case, the higher number means the bigger the diameter, or simply put, the less tight it is.

What Are The Differences Between the SPINNER Series?

Now that you understand a little more about how to read the levels we give to each SPINNER, let’s introduce you to each of the SPINNERs.

The Original SPINNERs


Firstly the TETRA. This one offers geometric tiles with mild edges. On the level system we see the TETRA ranks as follows:

  • The TETRA has: Firmness Lv3, Stimulation Lv3, Diameter Lv4.5

Next we have the HEXA. This one brings hexagonal tiles with pointed edges to the mix. On the level system the HEXA stacks up as follows:

  • The HEXA has: Firmness Lv4, Stimulation Lv4, Diameter Lv3.5


Lastly for the original SPINNERs, we have the SHELL. This one features fanned tiles with firm edges in one of boldest overall sensations. The SHELLs levels are rated like this:

  • The SHELL has: Firmness Lv4.5, Stimulation Lv4, Diameter Lv3

If we were to rank the original SPINNERs we can see that the TETRA 01 has the most gentle sensations, and they increase in intensity from the HEXA 02 to the SHELL 03, which is the firmest, tightest and has the boldest internal details of all the SPINNERs.

  • Overall intensity of sensations: TETRA 01 -> HEXA 02 -> SHELL 03

So how about the New SPINNERs? Let’s take a look!



First up in the new lineup; the PIXEL. This one offers a spiral of delicate, enveloping pixel-like nodes. The New SPINNERs are ranked on the same levels, and so PIXEL ranks up like this:

  • The PIXEL has: Firmness Lv3.5, Stimulation Lv2, Diameter Lv5


Next comes the BEADS. The sensations the BEADS offers is a spiral of varied, alternating spheres. The BEADS can be summarized as follows:

  • The BEADS has: Firmness Lv2.5, Stimulation Lv4.5, Diameter Lv3


Last, but not least is the BRICK. The BRICK goes all out with a spiral of bold, impacting tiles that focuses on pure stimulation. It’s not surprising that the BRICK ranks like this:

  • The BRICK has: Firmness Lv2, Stimulation Lv5, Diameter Lv2

And that’s a more in-depth look at the New SPINNERs! If we were to compare them we can see that the PIXEL 04 has gentle sensations similar to the TETRA, and they increase in intensity again from the BEADS 06 to the BRICK 06 being the most intense.

  • Overall intensity of sensations: PIXEL 04 -> BEADS 05 -> BRICK 06

    Now we know how all six SPINNERs stack up, here’s a quick cheat sheet to make an overall comparison easier.

    Still Can't Choose? Here's Our Suggestions.

    Still not sure what to buy? Here’s what the TENGA team would suggest. For a beginner SPINNER if you’re still not sure, the TETRA 01 is a safe bet.

    If a stronger stimulation is more your thing then we’d recommend trying out the BRICK 06 for the stronger, firmer sensations.

    Ultimately though, this is exactly what the level system was built for. As confusing as it can be to begin with, once you know what you’re looking for, the level system can help guide you to the SPINNER that has the perfect sensation for you.