Shop now in French, German, Spanish, & Italian, too!

We're thrilled to announce that TENGA STORE EUROPE is improving our service to customers across the European continent and in the UK.

What's New?

Multilingual support

Explore TENGA STORE EUROPE in your preferred language.

Use the language selector at the top of the page to select one of the four new languages available:


(Did we not mention we were polyglots?)

Pricing and checkout also in Pounds Sterling

No more mental math, or pesky conversion fees - pleasure seekers in the UK can now shop in Great British Pounds.

Shop in Pounds

(Easy peasy!)


(As if you needed reminding!)

On the new and improved TENGA STORE EUROPE, you'll get access to:

I used to have a TENGA STORE UK account. How do I transfer my account?

Your account has been migrated and is just waiting for you to activate it.
Just reset the password for your previous TENGA STORE UK account here, and you'll have completed the update process as if by magic!

All your order history and saved addresses will appear before your eyes!