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Zeroing in on the Possibilities of Pleasure

Using our finest materials yet and the latest technology, TENGA is proud to present the latest in Male Pleasure Technology, the FLIP ZERO.

TENGA has taken its unique FLIP Series to new heights of pleasure.

A seamless insertion point provides the perfect seal for no lubricant leakage and a strong vacuum made possible by a one-way valve.

The FLIP 0 (ZERO) features our most intricate internal details yet for great sensation, and our pioneering FLIP-open function keeps the item hygienic for multiple uses.

Bursting with Stronger Sensations!

The FLIP ZERO is back with the fan-favourite Strong Black Edition!
The futuristic FLIP-style returns with firmer material and bolder details for an all-new experience from the FLIP series.

For the electronic vibrating FLIP ZERO EV Black, click here.

FLIP ZERO Features

Insertion Point Designed for Exceptional Usability

The "integrated pivot" houses the flip-open hinge inside the product body allowing for a seamless insertion point that improves usability while still keeping the product easy to clean. Now you can enjoy the sensation from entry, without worrying about lubricant leakage.

FLIP-Open Design Makes it Easy to Clean

Please wash under running cold or tepid water after use. Once washed you can use the Slide Arms as a stand to dry the product. You can safely store the FLIP ZERO in its case for storage.

How to Use the FLIP ZERO

Lubricate the interior of the FLIP ZERO Close and lock into place with Slide Arms, and lubricate the insertion point.

Once inside, squeezing the Pressure Pads will allow air to escape an internal One-Way-Valve, creating a strong suction sensation.

※ The FLIP ZERO comes with sample pouches of HOLE LOTION REAL. We recommend TENGA Brand HOLE LOTION for further uses (sold separately.)

Product Specifications

Size (D × W × H mm): 68 × 85 × 175

Insertion Length Approx. (mm): 160

Insertion Width Approx. (mm): 50

Weight (g): 470

Other Specs: Reusable, Sample Lotion Included

Case & Slide Cap: PC
Internal Sleeve: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Pressure Pad & Transport Anchor Ring: Silicone
User Manual Holder: GPPS

This product comes with:



Want to know more about the Lotion included with this item?
Get the Lotion Facts before you purchase.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Watch out the size

sadly it's too little ans too tight which make it not as comfortable as it could be.


I have had this for a month now and the sliding bit that seals the top is already broken, meaning that the part containing the magnets is broken off for no discernible reason it seams to be held together with very little glue which for its price is in no way reasonable in my opinion.
Also some of the outer layer of silicon around the pads is already ripping which is not a problem yet, but I don't know when it will be, considering it has only been about a month since I bought it.
If the material or overall construction of the case was any better I'd be really happy, this way and especially for the price I'm really disappointed.

If you believe your received a defective item, please contact us for help: https://www.tenga.co/uk/contact/

Excellent quality, but a bit short

The device is very good at what it does, the only issue is that the actual inside length is a bit shorter than what is stated. Other than that everything is great so far.

Ian Barber

My first purchase of such an item. Despite mixed reviews I thought I'd try it. It is good. Unfortunately on second use, I'd noticed that one of the clips that locks it together had broken off so I have to hold it carefully. This means it leaks now and I think vacuum feature doesn't work. Bottom line, treat these things like glass when handling (which does sadly take some of the pleasure away)

The extra that i needed.

Let me start with saying that it's been almost a month from my purchase and i love it just as much as i did on day 1. I bought this one because i felt that the flip orb was just shy of being able to handle my whole lenght. The added few centimetre was just what i needed. I was slightly scared that it might be to "rough texture wise" as many people said but it was just pleasure for me. If you are buying this or already have it, try the wild and solid lotions with it, it makes for a very different experience. In my opinion if you are looking for that special something this can be just it.

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