Mini bullet vibrators — proving size doesn’t always matter

Discover Official TENGA EUROPE’s collection of bullet vibrators — where powerful pleasure and intense sensations merge with hand-held designs that let you bring the fun anywhere.

Whether you’re looking for a mini bullet vibrator you can store in your bag or luggage for portable pleasure, or searching for a vibrating bullet to incorporate into your everyday self-care routine, our collection caters to every desire and experience level — whether it’s adding pulsing vibrations to solo pleasure or taking the passionate sensations of partner play to the next level.

Compact companions that get straight to the point — literally

Our bullet vibrators are your trusty partner for exploring all kinds of stimulating sensations, and are perfect for everyone who appreciates subtlety in their sexual adventures. Easy to hold and operate in the palm of your hand, our mini bullet vibrators are equipped with five or more hours of vibrations and many feature adjustable settings that ensure the power is in your hands from the moment the mood strikes.

So, if you’re looking for a pint-sized toy that brings soothing comfort to your self-care routine or one you can seamlessly weave into a relaxing massage, Official TENGA EUROPE tiny vibrating bullets offer the stimulation you desire.

Mini bullet vibrators to make splash time sensationally stimulating

Many of our bullet vibrators feature a smooth, waterproof silicone construction to open new realms of pleasure in the bath or shower. They can be submerged in water up to 50cm, gliding seamlessly through various stimulation styles. Despite their tiny size, each small bullet vibrator is gentle against the skin and boasts an anti-dust coating to keep your toy clean with minimal maintenance. When it comes to sanitising your mini bullet vibrators after use, you can simply rinse them under warm water and pat them dry without damaging the internal components.

Official TENGA EUROPE bullet vibrators may be small, but they’re mighty powerful

From gentle vibrations to powerful rhythmic pulses and precision point vibes to give you total control with the push of a button, our mini bullet vibrators deliver incredible sensations tailored for every kind of intimate moment. Shop our bullet vibrator collection online today to enjoy speedy delivery to your doorstep and receive all products in discreet packaging free from labels.

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