Great Single-use TENGA Toys for Valentines' Day

If you’re reading this, it’s probably close to Valentine’s Day and you need something to make the night special for your partner. Alright let’s see what you have so far

  • Romantic dinner: Check.
  • Some sort of present: Check. 
  • Sex toy to make the end of the night even more pleasurable: None.

Two out of three isn’t bad, especially because we here at TENGA will help you with that last item on your list. We have some great single-use toys that are perfect for your Valentine’s Day fun. They give you the most bang for your buck, are easy to use, and the cleanup is pretty easy as well.




A lot of people find TENGA through the TENGA EGG series. They are a very good start to your sex toy journey (either solo or with your partner). They can be stretched to fit almost any size, are pretty easy to use, and there are over 20 different designs that each provide unique sensations.  

While we have yet to officially mention it in any of our promotional material, we have heard that some couples have enjoyed using one of the TENGA EGG variety packs to play a guessing game with the EGGs. The rules sound pretty simple. The person giving the hand stimulation picks an EGG and uses it on their partner, and the receiving end has to guess which EGG is being used without looking. Those seem to be the basic rules, but of course, add or change any rules you like to get the most fun out of it. 

Due to the theme of this blog, we are going to highlight one particular kind of EGG. The TENGA EGG: LOVERS. To get you both in the mood, why not try a special “love” inspired EGG? With special heart-shaped internal details, you’ll be feeling a special kind of love with this particular EGG.  

iroha petit

iroha petit seriesFor a spellbinding Valentine's Day surprise for your partner, make sure the iroha petit is in your arsenal. These are perfect items to help stimulate the clitoris for a delicate but passionate pleasure experience. 

Want to add some warmth? Since each petit is made up of 98% water, they can be warmed up by holding them in your hand or running them under warm water. Though for the people who like their pleasure served cold, iroha petits can also be placed in the refrigerator to chill before use. 

Either way, you or your partner will experience relaxing sensations that will make your Valentine’s Day that much better!


TENGA UNI VARIETY PACKUp until this point, we have gone over one item that can be used by the penis and one for the vagina. Is there a toy that can be for both? A toy that has UNIversal appeal even? Yes there is! The TENGA UNI is just that toy. The TENGA UNI was designed to be used by everyone and can be enjoyed by both you and your partner.

Like the other single-use items, the TENGA UNI is very simple to use. Here are the steps for a penis: 

  1. Take it out of the package
  2. Flip the UNI inside out so the ridges are on the inside
  3. Insert the sample lotion that comes with it (or your own)
  4. Insert penis 

And like that, you are ready to experience all the pleasures that the UNI has to offer. 

The steps for the vagina are just as easy: 

  1. Take out of the package
  2. Insert fingers
  3. Add lotion to the side of the UNI you will use

From there, you can stimulate the clitoris in unique and different ways! Each UNI can be used in specific ways depending on the ridges and details it has. You can see an example in the image below:

Use up and down movements for bold stimulation.

You can try each sensation if you choose to get the package of four that contains each type of UNI!

While the UNI isn’t out at the time of writing, you can grab the UNI when it goes on sale on February 14th, 2024! Experiment to find your favorite way to use it.


You may want to try a sex toy that is low commitment this Valentine’s Day. Luckily, TENGA has a wealth of great options to choose from! There are some we haven’t even covered on this list. 

Check out the single-use TENGA items to find your favorite.