Why You Should Check Out the New TENGA Lotion

TENGA products have become so popular, we've shipped over 140 million items worldwide. With so many items sold, we have heard quite a few people tell us about how much they love their TENGA and iroha items. That's why we created a high quality TENGA Lotion to perfectly match with your TENGA.

But we didn't stop there. At TENGA, we are constantly listening to what customers have to say about our products. This time, we heard you, and based on customer comments and experiences, we made a few more improvements to our lotions that will make your experience even more pleasurable.

While customers loved how the lotions worked so well with their TENGA items, they did have some comments about how the lotions flowed out of the bottle. Indeed, sometimes the lotion flowing out of the bottle was stringy and difficult to stop. Consequently you may have used a little more lotion than you wanted. And while the bottle itself was attractively designed, it may have been too rigid and sometimes cracked during use if you squeezed too hard.

So we went back to the drawing board and came up with several improvements to help make your experience even better. Introducing the New TENGA Lotion!


check out the NEW TENGA Lotions

All-New and Improved Packaging

We heard you. You need something simple, reliable, and stress-free during those critical moments when you're focused on something else. TENGA has made some new designs to the lotion bottles to help you make your masturbation experience with your FLIP ZERO, TENGA Puffy, TENGA SPINNER, or whichever TENGA item you enjoy smoother and more pleasurable.

Improved Design and Flow for Cleaner Application

improved reverse flow valve for less run-on
First, let's talk about the flow. We know it can be a bit of a challenge stopping the flow of lotion once you start squeezing it out. That is why we designed the New TENGA Lotion with a one-way, return-flow nozzle that stops the flow when you want it to. No more stringy mess or extra cleanup. Just one less detail to worry about and one more uninterrupted moment that you can focus on self-pleasure!
less mess so you can focus more of your time on pleasure

And now the return-flow nozzle prevents the lotion from drying out. Even without the cap, lotion will not spill when tilted or turned upside down.

Easy Peasy Squeezy Bottle

Unfortunately, some of our customers have experienced receiving cracked bottles upon delivery, due to the package not necessarily being handled with care in transit. Some customers have also experienced a little rigidity with the bottle when strongly squeezing the lotion out, causing creases or white lines in the clear plastic bottle due to stress. We've replaced that bottle with a more flexible one, giving you more ease of control. And these bottles are more durable during the delivery to your home! It also has a stylish matte finish to it.
new benefits, better satisfaction

Improved Formulas, Same Great Results

So while we were busy making improvements to the bottle, we did a little tweaking to the lotion formulas to make sure they were the best for your TENGA reusable sex toy. There are still variations of the lotions, much like the ones you enjoyed before, just a bit better! And we renamed them to make it simpler to understand.

TENGA Lotion [Mild]
TENGA Lotion Mild

Thick, Long-Lasting Lotion!
Dense lotion for mild envelopment. Perfect for long-lasting pleasure.
The thick lotion allows more gentle sensations, and for you to focus on only the boldest details.

TENGA Lotion [Regular]
TENGA Lotion Regular

Classic, Go-To Lotion!
Well-balanced lotion for regular use. Perfect for any TENGA product, any time.
No matter the product, this lotion will be the perfect accompaniment, providing great results every time

TENGA Lotion [Light]
TENGA Lotion Light

Silky, No-Fuss Lotion! 
Light lotion for feeling every detail. Perfect for clean, fluid sensations.
This more liquid lotion allows you to feel every small detail,and appreciate every sensation.

Three different sensations to enhance your TENGA experience. And now simpler to understand: Mild, Regular, Light.

But don't forget that you can use a combination of any of the three lotions to create a nearly unlimited variety to play with!


buy one, or all three to make unlimited combinations Key Changes and Benefits to the Updated Model
  • One-way valve reduces stringiness for cleaner application
  • Easy-squeeze bottle for more durability and easy dispensing
  • Three different sensations: Mild, Regular, and Light. Formulated specially for use with TENGA reusable items

While we love hearing praise for our products, we're not too proud to admit that we can always make things better. From all the comments that we receive, we are also grateful to hear some that help us improve our items for you. The TENGA Lotion is just one example of how you have helped us make a better product.

Since you've taken the time to read about the TENGA Lotion, please take some time and browse through the TENGA Store and take a look at all that we have to offer you. We wouldn't be in the business of providing solutions for your self-pleasure and well-being without you!