How to Choose from the COOL TENGA Series

cool tenga series

As the weather heats up and our bodies get hotter, TENGA fans start to utilize the menthol-infused COOL TENGA products, which are sure to leave you refreshed no matter the COOL item. The COOL Series continues to expand, so we’re here to help those looking to cool off with TENGA over the summer. If you have a preferred TENGA product already, there might just be a COOL version of it waiting for you at the TENGA STORE EUROPE. If you’re new to TENGA but hoping for your first experience to be a thrillingly refreshing one, check out the contents below to find the ideal COOL TENGA item for you.


A Brief Intro to the COOL TENGA SERIES

The COOL TENGA Series include variations on original TENGA items that are designed to give a cooling, tingling sensation during and after use. Although more popular in the summer, these frosty items can be used year-round, as these TENGA items never lose their COOL.

With two CUPs, one EGG, one POCKET, one SPINNER (discontinued) and one HOLE LOTION, there are plenty of COOL TENGA to choose from. Hopefully this guide can help you find your next COOL purchase.

What is so COOL about the COOL TENGA?

The COOL TENGA products aren’t just named after their stylish design. The menthol-infused cooling lotion that you’ll find inside any COOL TENGA product is what makes these items cooler than cool.

The interior material of the COOL products is identical to their original counterparts, meaning that if you’re a fan of the stimulation of TENGA products but want a tingly twist to your TENGA experience, you’re in luck.

If you find yourself loving the tingly COOL sensations of a COOL TENGA item, you can even level up the COOL with the ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP EXTRA COOL EDITION.

Let’s take a look at the COOL Series items one by one to help you narrow down your purchase.

The COOL TENGA Series Products




tenga original vacuum cup cool edition


Try the COOL Original Vacuum CUP for the same fabulous suction with ice-cool sensations! This COOL CUP is a good place to start if you’re curious about a cooling sex toy.



tenga original vacuum cup extra cool edition


Menthol and peppermint oil give you a double blast of cooling sensations!
This CUP is for advanced users who want something more powerful than the original COOL TENGA Series.
The Extra COOL CUP is not recommended for COOL TENGA beginners.



tenga egg snow crystal

With COOLing sensations and a titillating snowflake interior, this is a sure-choice for any fans of our TENGA EGG Series. These small eggs contain a super-stretchable elastomer sleeve that suits most sizes.


pocket tenga cold spark

The POCKET TENGA COOL SPARK is tiny enough to fit in a pocket or easily in your travel bag for business trips or other travels! Great for any burning summer vacations!


tenga hole lotion cool edition

A standard thickness, menthol-infused lotion for a blast of COOLING sensations!

Grab a Reusable TENGA item and enjoy this lotion’s COOL sensations all summer long. If you’re looking to refresh your experience with your already-owned TENGA product, this is the lotion for you!


tenga spinner 04 pixel cool edition


The SPINNER - 04 PIXEL is available with this COOL color palette and a small test packet of HOLE LOTION COOL. If you were pondering the purchase a SPINNER - 04 PIXEL, this limited edition version could be a COOL addition to your collection. 

Still Can’t Choose? Here are Our Suggestions

The TENGA Original Vacuum CUP is a fantastic place to start for any sex toy user, as it's easy to use, pleasurable, disposable, and inexpensive. In the same regard, the Original Vacuum CUP COOL Edition has the same appeal as its red-toned brethren, and even the same interior design, but with cooling lotion for refreshing sensations!

If the CUP is a steep starting point, the TENGA EGG SNOW CRYSTAL for €6 and the POCKET TENGA COLD SPARK for €3 might be a good place to test out how you like the COOL tingle of menthol before making any more purchases.

If you’re ready to commit to the COOL TENGA experience, buying the HOLE LOTION COOL EDITION and pairing it with any Reusable item is highly recommended, as you will be able to get multiple COOL sessions out of your order.