What is TENGA?

What is TENGA?

Maybe you have so far only heard the name, or seen signs around town, but what is TENGA? and where is TENGA from? This article will explain a bit about the brand, the products, and its history.

TENGA Co., Ltd is a Japanese manufacturer of sexual wellness products, that launched the TENGA brand of men’s sex toys in 2005. It offers functional, hygienic, and most importantly, pleasurable items for masturbation.

Japanese sex toys are well known, especially ‘onaholes’, from the words onani (masturbation) + hole, but TENGA is something different. The best selling, and according to many, the best sex toy brand in Japan.


What Makes TENGA Special?

TENGA understands that sexual needs are a natural part of being human, and that masturbation is nothing to hide.

People buy food for hunger, beds for sleep, so products to satisfy sexual needs should be no different.

TENGA products are designed with this in mind: making masturbation better, and not thinking of it as a replacement for sex.

Months of designing means that products are optimized to enhance pleasure, be simple to use, and easy to clean. All products are made of body-safe materials and undergo rigorous testing to make sure they live up to our high standards.

The TENGA aesthetic is one of sleek, modern visuals, a stark contrast to what people think of when they hear ‘sex toys’.

We believe that seeking pleasure is natural, so owning such products should be as well

Our Products: What can TENGA offer you?

Our Products

Disposable TENGA Items

Perhaps you are new to the world of sex toys, and want to just try things out before committing to a larger purchase, need something to take on a trip, or want to give a special gift to a friend. These items are perfect with their lower price and self-contained, easy-to-dispose nature.

The TENGA CUP Series is the flagship series of TENGA, and the first products created, and continues to be one of our biggest global sellers, selling over 3 million units a year. The Standard Red Series offers 5 unique designs, there is something for everyone.

Our most famous product in the west is the TENGA EGG, with over 20 designs, these super stretch items can stretch to approximately 19.8cm, and are contained in cute and innocuous egg-shaped containers.

We also have special editions of these items; from artist collaborations, different sizes and ones with cooling lotion inside.

Reusable TENGA Items

If you know what you like, and are looking for a product to use again and again, reusable TENGA items have been designed to make the whole experience pleasurable and easy for you, the customer.

We are always innovating with new series and different ways to use them, such as designs that twist and spin as you use them, or products with embedded motors, to give sensations you have never felt before.

We have given thought to cleaning and hygienic storage too, with products that can flip open for easy washing, or storage cases that double as an air-drying base.

Easy to clean, dry, and reuse, keep your favorite on hand for a long time to come.

Other Items and Series

TENGA also offers optional items to enriched your TENGA experience: lubricants what wash off easily, attachments for stronger suction, and the TENGA SVR, a silicone cock ring with an attached vibrator to make sex with your partner extra pleasurable.

The History of TENGA

Who is the mind behind TENGA? And the story of how the company became what it is today.

TENGA President - Koichi Matsumoto

TENGA was founded in 2005 by Koichi Matsumoto, a former mechanic, who was looking for a gap in the market which he could improve using his creativity.

The state of the sex toy market at the start of the 2000s was not in great shape. The products had lewd imagery and designs, with no warranties or branding, and absolutely no liability for the companies.

This was a situation where Koichi Matsumoto felt that his creative mind could help: to make goods to satisfy a basic human need, that everyone could buy comfortably, safe in the knowledge that the products were of high quality, safe, and from a trusted brand.

The Start of TENGA

This market needed a brand that stood for integrity, that customers could buy from with the same confidence they would from any famous manufacturer.

Koichi Matsumoto quit his day job and started working non-stop on making prototypes for his ideas using items from 100 yen stores (Japanese 1 euro/pound stores).

His perseverance and belief in the products over the next 2 years paid off, when he got the chance to present his ideas to a distribution company. With their assistance, the production of the first 5 TENGA CUPs began, going on sale in July 2005 and becoming a domestic hit with over 1,000,000 sales nationwide in its first year.

TENGA now sells globally, with offices across the world. Over 130 million products have been shipped worldwide.

In summary:

So what does TENGA mean? In Japanese, TENGA means ‘correct and elegant’.

Masturbation is a natural desire, and TENGA makes products to make masturbation better.
Sleek and modern designs combine form and function, giving you a whole range of new sensations to try, from a range of sensations in the accessible disposable item series, to the easy to use and clean reusable products.

Koichi Matsumoto founded TENGA 15 years ago, with the aim of making masturbation open and accessible to everyone:

Bring your sexuality to the forefront, and masturbate better.

Visit the TENGA Store EUROPE to view all disposable and reusable TENGA sex toys, and start your journey to a new world of pleasure.