How To Choose From The TENGA EGG Series

As one of TENGA's most popular disposable products worldwide, the TENGA EGG series is attracting a lot of interest. There's also a LOT variety to be found, from the different packs of EGGs, to the limited edition items like the EGG Lovers Edition, COOL EGG, to collaborations like the KEITH HARING x TENGA EGG collection!


With such a wide range of EGGs to choose from, it can be a little difficult to know which one will be the "best" choice for you. Hopefully this guide will help you better understand the differences and figure out which EGG you want to hit up first!

Introduction to the TENGA EGGs

New Standard TENGA EGG Variety Pack

The TENGA EGG is a range of disposable sex toys that are super stretchy and are one of TENGA's most popular items globally. They can be purchased individually or as a "Variety Pack" which contains six EGGs from the same series.

Learn more about how to use the TENGA EGGs after you buy them here. They're one of the easiest to use products in our disposable range, which makes them a great starter product, but also a fun treat for yourself.

How are the EGGs Different?

When choosing your TENGA EGGs, the details inside make all the difference. Each of the TENGA EGGs has a different interior design that's designed to give the user different sensations. You can get an idea of the details from the packaging of the EGG, as the silver patterns show the design used for the EGG.

New Standard TENGA EGG

The New Standard EGG Variety Pack took the designs from the 6 Color EGG Variety Pack and changed them a little. Certain features are highlighted and others are changed to give a completely different feel.



Hard Boiled TENGA EGGs

For those looking for a stronger feel, there's also the Hard Boiled EGG Variety Pack which offers stronger stimulation and is packed with a harder version of the gel LOTION compared to the other EGGs. This combination means that the Hard Boiled EGG Variety Pack is perfect for those looking for a harder feeling with their EGG.


Further expanding the range of regular strength EGGs is the WONDER EGG Variety Pack, vibrant EGGs in terms of designs, colors, and internal details!


Need Help? Here's What we Suggest

Single EGG or Variety Pack

You can choose to try a single EGG design, or mix and match a few from the various EGG Variety Packs. This is a fairly cost-effective way to keep the price down and focus only on the designs you like. Or you can simply choose one of the packs that you like. That's why we made them, so you can try a few selected EGGs at once!

The variety that the TENGA EGG Series offers can make it a bit difficult to decide what you might like. If you're buying an EGG for the first time and aren't sure yet if you'll like it, it's always a safe bet to buy a single EGG to see how you feel.

When you feel more confident (or adventurous!) you can treat yourself to a pack. Open one up and see what you think!

Still Can't Choose? Here's Our Suggestions

Not sure what to buy yet? Here are a few helpful suggestions from us in the TENGA team. If you're thinking about buying a single EGG or maybe just a few EGGs to try out, we recommend the EGG Wavy II and for a stronger stimulation the EGG Thunder. These two EGGs are consistently amongst the biggest sellers when it comes to one-off EGG purchases.

If you would like to open your own pack of EGGs, then we recommend the New Standard EGG Variety Pack. This pack also does well both in the opinion of EGG fans and sales.

However, keep in mind that these are just our recommendations. When it comes to the TENGA EGG series, you should trust in what you find best for the stimulations you enjoy. If you need instructions on how to use your TENGA EGG, check out our helpful guide here.

Most importantly though, just enjoy your EGG!