More Pleasure and Variety with the New iroha+ Series!

We're thrilled to announce the revamp of our most beloved series, the iroha+ Series! As a brand, our aim remains to help more people start and relish their journey of self-pleasure. To achieve this, we've endeavored to present our fans and all pleasure enthusiasts with top-notch pleasure products, leading us to refresh our iroha+ Series.

Let's delve into the details of the revitalized iroha+ Series!


The Concept of the iroha+ Series

Original iroha+ Banner and copy

We initially introduced the iroha+ Series in Japan in 2015 and globally in 2016. The objective of this series is to offer luxurious pleasure items that go one step beyond the original iroha Series, which serves as a welcoming pleasure item primarily for beginners.

The iroha+ series represents a leap forward in both power and possibilities fo sensations. The 'plus' denotes a powerful motor, with increased levels of vibration strength and an additional vibration pattern. In contrast to the rounded designs of the original iroha Series, the iroha+ Series features more angular edges and ridges, delivering intensified sensations. This enables users to explore a variety of sensations and pleasures not present in the original iroha Series, while maintaining the same luxurious experience with our exclusive Soft-Touch Silicone.

Since its launch, the iroha+ series has garnered favor among fans, with the iroha+ TORI emerging as a bestseller, the iroha+ KUSHI gaining recognition for its elegant design, and the iroha+ YORU offering an elegant option for heightened squeezing and teasing stimulation.

Now, you must be curious about what is different with the renewed iroha+ Series. Keep reading to find out!

Get Acquainted with the New iroha+ Features

For every pleasure product we develop, our mission is to create items that satisfy users' needs while fostering comfort with their bodies. With the original iroha+ Series' popularity, our aim with this series renewal is to enhance what was already excellent, akin to what we achieved with the original iroha Series. We remain true to our initial goal of positioning the iroha+ Series as the next step of the iroha Series, retaining our classic and distinctive Soft-Touch Silicone. We've also ensured that the renewed iroha+ Series offers varied sensations with defined edges and ridges, just like the originals. And last but not least, we've retained the anti-dust coating, allowing the iroha+ Series to be displayed without accumulating dust. So, what's new?

iroha+ KUSHI's new design
  • Brand New iroha+ KUSHI Design: The design of the iroha+ KUSHI has been revamped! The new iroha+ KUSHI features more prominent details, with bolder ribs for enhanced sensations.
    iroha+ Vibration strengths and modes
  • All New Vibration Pattern: The iroha+ Series now boasts 3 rhythmic vibration patterns, with the latest addition being a relaxing pulsation, enabling users to explore and find the pattern that suits them best. The series now offers a total of 7 vibration modes.
    Simple 1 button control
  • Simple 1-Button Control: Similar to the renewed iroha Series, the iroha+ Series now features a straightforward 1-button control. This allows users to effortlessly and intuitively control the device while in use.
    New Charging cable
  • New Charging Cable: With the switch to the 1-button control, we've also updated our charging cable. The new charging method is more compact and utilizes less plastic. The charging cable is identical to that of the renewed iroha Series, enabling fans to interchange cables between both series.
    iroha+ charging lights
  • Know When You are Done Charging: Unlike the previous version of the iroha+, where the charging lights were on the base, the renewed iroha+ itself features a charging lamp that lights up and blinks during charging. Once fully charged, the light switches off.
    iroha+ in Nadeshiko Pink
  • Available in Nadeshiko Color: We're delighted to announce that the iroha+ Series will now be available in Nadeshiko Pink too!

With our renewal, we've ensured that we've preserved the essence of the originals while adding more: more vibrations, more pronounced designs, more user-friendly enhancements, and more colour options.

Why You Should Give Them a Go!

The New iroha+ Series Banner

The original iroha+ Series will always hold a special place in our hearts, but we're also thrilled to introduce you to the new iroha+ Series. We hope you'll love the renewed version just as much, if not more than, the original. It encapsulates all the goodness of the originals but with additional features, such as a simple 1-button control, a new relaxing pulsation, a redesigned iroha+ KUSHI, and new colour options.

So, if you're seeking to elevate your self-pleasure journey with more pleasure, make sure to explore the renewed iroha+ Series here!