What's New with the FLIP ORBs

A few years ago, we introduced the FLIP ORB, a new addition to the popular FLIP series. Initially, we offered two options: the FLIP ORB - BLUE RUSH and the FLIP ORB - ORANGE CRASH. What set these FLIP ORBs apart were the small orbs nestled within their internal structure. These orbs enhanced the experience by providing a more enveloping sensation as you pushed through them during use.

After some time, we decided to enhance the FLIP ORB line further. We released stronger versions known as the FLIP ORB STRONG - BLUE RUSH and FLIP ORB STRONG - ORANGE CRASH. Featuring a black outer shell, these Strong versions retained the orb sensations but with a firmer material and bolder details, delivering a more explosive experience.

Even though the FLIP ORBs did win the 2020 Red Dot Design award, that hasn’t stopped us from tweaking the design for further improvements. Hence the new FLIP ORB OCEAN BLUE and FLIP ORB SUNSET ORANGE. Naturally, you might want to know what’s new with these items compared to the originals. You’re in luck because that is precisely what we set out to do with this article.


External Changes

The FLIP ORB Collection

With the initial versions of the FLIP ORBs, the exterior featured a sleek white shell adorned with either blue or orange rings, corresponding to the colors of the orbs inside. This design might evoke comparisons to an iconic portal-based puzzle game for some gaming enthusiasts. Following the trend of other robust FLIP versions, the FLIP ORB STRONG boasted a black outer shell with the same blue and orange rings, allowing users to easily differentiate between the BLUE RUSH and ORANGE CRASH models.

With new names come new colors. We have injected a burst of color into the latest iteration of FLIP ORBs. Not only do the rings match the orbs' colors, but the entire plastic casing does as well. The outer rings of the FLIP ORBs retain their original colors as always.

Having addressed the external modifications, it's time to delve into the internal changes of the renewed FLIP ORBs.

Internal Changes

One notable change is the number of orbs in the new FLIP ORBs. The original FLIP ORB featured 10 orbs embedded in the elastomer. To accommodate thicker materials and provide more space for insertion, the new FLIP ORBs feature four orbs in total. These orbs, however, are strategically placed for bursts of sensation at the entry point and at the end, and the elastomer covering them is thicker than their predecessors.

Additionally, the new FLIP ORBs boast new, bigger, and bolder internal details of the elastomer, as shown below:

Original FLIP ORB internal details

Original FLIP ORBs internal design

FLIP ORB renewal internal details

Renewed FLIP ORBs internal design

As previously mentioned, the original designs featured five smaller orbs on each side, while the newer versions have two larger orbs, resulting in four orbs in total. Lastly, the internal details in the new FLIP ORBs are unique as well. The FLIP ORB OCEAN BLUE contains a wavery ribbed design that provides entwining sensations while the FLIP ORB SUNSET ORANGE contains spiral edges that give off bursting sensations. You can’t go wrong with either of these designs.


These are the subtle yet significant differences between the original FLIP ORBs and the new FLIP ORB OCEAN BLUE and FLIP ORB SUNSET ORANGE. If you're a fan of the FLIP ORBs and are seeking an updated experience, you can purchase the new versions here!